The Destruction of Hurricane Harvey

Paige O'Connell, Reporter

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Hurricane Harvey touched land in the Gulf coast of Texas on August 25th, 2017, bringing over 130 mile per hour winds and four feet of rainfall in some areas.

  • 35,000 people took refuge in shelters stretching on Houston to Louisiana. Officials say more than 150,000 homes are flooded due to this catastrophic storm.
  • The Houston police Department reported over 3,500 victims were rescued out of flood waters. Samuel Peña ( Houston fire chief) said his department performed over 400 rescues. Houston mayor imposed a curfew from Midnight to 5:00 am to aid search and rescue teams.
  • Harvey’s death toll continues to climb as more authorities and family members begin to report more fatalities and missing cases, Galveston County Emergency management Department confirmed 41 deaths Wednesday night.
  • Thursday evening, it was classified as a tropical depression with maximum winds as 20 mph,  when it reached the border of Louisiana
  • Early Thursday morning, a chemical plant, 25 miles north of Houston reported two explosions.

The worst of Harvey’s devastating hurricane winds and torrential rain and flooding was over by Thursday, August 31, but expected recovery for Texas and Louisiana is expected to take years. The number of people who register for federal assistance is expected to go up, William Long, an administrator of FEMA stated during a news briefing that it will take “many, many years” before it is clear how catastrophic the damages are and how to solve them.

Many parts of Texas and Louisiana are left completely submerged underwater a week after the hurricane has begun. It’s expected to see this tropical demon to be the cause of major flash floods through many parts of Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas through Saturday. The federal Weather Prediction Center said Tennessee, Kentucky the southern tip of Indiana, Southern Ohio and West Virginia could see 2-8 inches of rain.

For some communities,it was the high winds that did the most damage; for others, it was the flooding from massive rains. For everyone affected, there will be long lasting emotional damage from the loss of people, homes, and their community.

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The Destruction of Hurricane Harvey