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Charity Lingle, Print Managing Editor

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Interact is the perfect club for you if you like to partake in any kind of community service that helps the world. Interact club focuses on a lot of situations and dies a lot of cool things to help out what is going on. They deal with a lot of things that deal both with the school and the community outside of school grounds. If you love helping people, Interact will give you that opportunity.

Kathleen Szczepaniak teaches both world history to sophomores and economics to seniors. While being a teacher for both day and night school, she also sponsors the campus Interact Club.

One example of projects Interact does is Kiva Loans. Kiva Loans allows you to donate money to those in other countries that need something to help people when tragedy, war, or natural disaster strikes.

Each month is something different with Interact Club. They don’t just stick with one cause, but instead do something different to support and bring awareness to a specific issue. Red Ribbon week, for instance, spreads awareness of drug abuse.

 Not only does Interact help out the community, it also allows students to get their community service hours they need to graduate! Interact will give you the opportunity to gain skills that you were never able to gain before. Join Interact Club if you love helping people! Make a difference and have fun with it!

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Interact Club