Suicide Prevention Day

David Ross, Reporter

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On the 10th of September of every year, an international worldwide event promoting the prevention of suicide is held. Multiple organizations such as World Health Organization and The International Association for Suicide Prevention sponsor this event every year. During this global event the aim is to provide a better understanding and associate a different attitude when it comes to suicide.

According to statistics, there is an average of around 1 million people who die by suicide every year. Being nearly in the top ten causes of death worldwide, it even surpasses the amount of deaths from war and murder. For every unfortunate suicide, there are around 20 attempts of suicide. 

On their websites, such as (International Association for Suicide Prevention) and (World Suicide Prevention Day), there is detailed information on many statistics and tips on recognizing the signs when someone is thinking about suicide. It is helpful for those who would like to view more information on the matter. Each person has a story, why they felt the need to do it, except those who succeeded cannot tell us themselves and educating ourselves about it can help prevent some tragedies.

Suicide awareness has become a more prominent part of daily conversation, although not always in a positive context. The subtle jokes in reference to suicide have always been around, though the jokes seem to be less common lately and replaced by more respectful discussion into the awareness. 

Sometimes people who are struggling just need someone to listen to them. Asking someone how they’re doing may just be the hand they needed to reach for. It is difficult for people to ask for help, and they sometimes hide how they truly feel behind a smile.

Hopefully anyone with these thoughts of hopelessness and unwantedness does not go unnoticed, which is exactly what World Suicide Prevention day is for — spreading awareness. Sometimes we see people dear to us who are in distress, and it can be hard not to know how to help. Suicide Prevention Day encourages us to extend a helping hand to the conflicted, and also provides a guide to how we can those around us. In support of this important day, the theme this year is to “Take a minute, save a life.”

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Suicide Prevention Day