Baskin-Robbins Vs. Dairy Queen

Paige O'Connell, Reporter

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   Since I am a fanatic of Dairy Queen and their heavenly blizzards, I decided to expand my horizons to another creamery, Baskin Robbins. For me, the thought of ever betraying my Dairy Queen homeland feels stressful, but I’ll try Baskin Robbins and do a comparison of each.

   For the concerns from the health-conscious who  watch how much we indulge in ice cream, it can be a problem if we overeat too much at a time. Comparing a small classic vanilla cone, Baskin Robbins has a total of 155 calories. Dairy Queen, however, is at a whopping total of 230 calories. (Oops.)

   I decided to try a signature flavor from each creamery in order for them to compete in their sugary goodness.

   The signatures flavors I chose was Jamocha Almond fudge Ice cream and the Turtle Pecan Cluster blizzard. I am more than ready for this.

   Upon entering Baskin Robbins, I got hit by a wall of sweet and sugary smells, and it was quite delightful. I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic of watching ice cream being scooped;  I love how much ice cream they put in a scoop! I’m a sucker for anything almond or mocha, so this has been a new favorite of mine. (Sorry, cookie dough ice cream.

   Dairy Queen’s blizzards do not have the same consistency as regular ice cream, but are still good nevertheless. I like how they turn their blizzards upside down to show how thick their ice cream is, though I am scarred for life from that one time I tried to turn it upside down; naturally, it crashed all over the floor.

   Unfortunately, I cannot eat an entire blizzard ( curse you, lactose intolerance!) but in my first bite, I wish I could. This was such a tasty treat, I cannot say which one is the best. They both have unique and high quality flavors, texture ( I may be the only one, but Dairy Queen always has a weird aftertaste.) And the winner is… Baskin Robbins! I’m so sorry that I betrayed you, Dairy Queen! Jamocha Almond Fudge has just won  a special place in my heart.



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Baskin-Robbins Vs. Dairy Queen