Has anyone ever had a good first date?

Yami Ruiz, Business Manager

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  First dates — they either go horribly wrong or well enough for you to not hate yourself for going. These are the type of dates where you regret going and you just wish you would’ve stayed at home in your sweatpants binge watching netflix next to your dog while eating straight out of the ice cream carton.

  Luckily, I’ve never had a bad date for one simple reason: I’ve never been asked out on a date….. (insert crying face here). Just kidding, I don’t care. But of course I’ve gone out with someone to the movies or out to eat and I ended up paying (ok, this time insert a crying face because I miss the money) but they didn’t ask me on a date. They just said, “We should chill,” followed by, “I don’t know, whatever you wanna do.” So, no, I do NOT consider that a date.

  What happened to the guy asking the girl to dinner or to a drive in movie and then the boy gives her a flower he picked on the way to see her? That is way better than, “You pick, I don’t know, there’s nothing to do.” What do these dudes think this is? Until someone asks me on a date directly and gives me a chocolate bar they got for at least 99 cents, I refuse to go out with them :). Wow, that actually makes me sound really snobby, but it’s all right because we girls need to have standards. Somebody has to teach these guys that “it’s up to you” and “ let’s chill” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Step your game up, fellas!!!  

  On the other hand, I can say that times have changed and now the girl can ask the guy out. I agree with this but don’t let the girl pay for everything! Split the check unless she insists on paying herself. Or you can also take turns each time you go out with them. I wonder how many people have had terrible first dates.

  Actually, Chris Zent, math teacher, had a terrible first date and I feel like it doesn’t surprise me (just kidding, love you Zent!!). I had my suspicions way before he confirmed it to me though! “My first date was a complete disaster; I took my date out with a bunch of members of my cross country team and I didn’t talk a lot because I would freeze up,” said Zent. At the end of the interview i was hoping what he told me wasn’t true and that this date would took a positive turn at some point, but turns it only got worse. “I offered to give her a ride home after dinner and a movie, but she said no, that she would get a ride from someone else. That was the last time I ever went out with her because if you go home with someone else it probably won’t work out.” Wow, it can’t get any worse than that, can it?

  Cheyenne Farnsworth, sophomore, actually went on a date to the DV dance concerts with her boyfriend and her best friend (first sign that everything is going to go wrong). “My best friend kept touching my boyfriend and we got into a really big fight because of that,” said Farnsworth. Well, we’ve all had bad experiences with friends.

  Sophomore Preston McDonough said, “My first date actually went a lot better than I thought it would, to be honest, but I’ve never been on any really bad dates.”  

   Some say it’s a lot more complicated now than it was before, there are so many mixed signals that make it hard to tell if someone is serious about you or not. Bad date or not, it’s always a learning experience to know what to do and what not to do. Don’t talk about how you’ve been constipated for the last week, or how you haven’t brushed your teeth because your dog ate your toothbrush a month ago. Be the best version of yourself, make your date laugh, tell them they have a nice smile, anything that will give them the butterflies. Make it worth it, don’t end up regretting everything and find yourself at the age of 50 sitting in your living room with 45 cats eating YOUR ice cream.

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Has anyone ever had a good first date?