Boys Basketball Senior Night: Goodbye Seniors

Dominic Benedetti, Reporter

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  To start off the night, Coach Jed Dunn and the whole Deer Valley Basketball organization welcomed the families of our Seniors and also gave thanks to these families for letting these five stars play during their years here at Deer Valley. Those five players were Bryce Davis, Deven Breckner, Ari Danzy, Keyvaughn Williams, and Vincent Emukpoeruo.

1st Quarter

  To start the game Coach Dunn started all his seniors. Danzy, Williams, Breckner, Davis, and Emukpoeruo. Skyhawks win the tip off against the Verrado Scorpions and Williams starts the game off with a three. The ball is stolen from the Scorpions and Williams scores again. The ball is rebounded by the Scorpions in which Danzy steals, who then passes it to Davis who is fouled on a dunk. Once again the ball is stolen and Williams scores once again. That pushes the score to 8-0, Skyhawks.

   The Scorpions score off Breckner takes the ball down the court and gets the assist on a slam dunk by Davis. Off a missed shot, the rebounded is juggled is rebounded by Davis and two Scorpions, in which Davis contains the rebound and dunks once again. The Scorpions take the ball down court and the shot is blocked by Breckner. Breckner steals the ball from Verrado and is fouled.

   On the next two inbound passes Junior, Jaret Allen steals the ball both times. One easy layup, the other a slam dunk. Verrado keeps turning over in which Danzy scores, Junior, Ethan Cashion adds salt to the injury by stealing the ball and scoring once again for the Skyhawks. With the Scorpions down 26, the Skyhawks lead the game 34-8.

2nd Quarter

   Junior Johny Diaz misses a shot but luckily junior Dez Melton rebounds the ball and lets Diaz redeem himself with a three pointer. Williams blocks a shot by the Scorpions and is fouled up the court. Williams laters passes the ball to Junior, Derek McDougal who splashes a three. Verrado remains with only two points in the whole quarter so far.

   Junior Brandon Savage scores with ease. On the other side of the court, Breckner rebounds an airball and scores on the Scorpions’ defense. Breckner steals the ball another time in which freshman Jackson Leyba scores. Verrado only scored nine points in the quarter, Skyhawks lead 50-17.

3rd Quarter

  Before a minute has even passed in the 3rd, Williams throws an alley oop to Jaret Allen. Davis fouls after getting the ball from the Scorpions. Davis hits one of the two free throws in which the second one is rebounded and scored by the Skyhawks.

   In the first two minutes alone the Skyhawks score nine points leaving the Scorpions scoring two points. Verrado keeps letting the turnovers pile up in which Davis keeps scoring and is fouled multiple times.

4th Quarter

  Junior Jalen Allen starts the quarter off being fouled on a dunk. Only one of two free throws is made, but luckily Cashion rebounds the ball and Diaz scores once again. The Skyhawks continue to run up the score as junior Jacob Paige scores.


Photos by Dominic Benedetti

With only a few minutes left in the game Coach Dunn receives an enormous chant from the crowd. “WE WANT SENIORS!” With Coach Dunn and the whole bench smiling, plus Williams begging for the seniors to be put in, Dunn finally agrees. Unfortunately they are subbed out very quickly, quicker than we liked, but the outcome of the game is positive. Deer Valley wins the game with a score of 74-36.


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Boys Basketball Senior Night: Goodbye Seniors