Music is medicine for the soul

Music is medicine for the soul

Tyler Parker, Reporter

Music — to some people, it isn’t anything but noise. To other people, it’s just a pastime and nothing more than that. To me, music is not only art, but also a coping mechanism. Throughout recent years, I’ve been struggling with depression. Some days the only thing that kept me going was music. Whether it be Pink Floyd, or Lady Gaga, music was always there in some form.

Music can be an uplifting experience, it can take some of us out of the darkest places. Some albums take you on journeys, or tell stories of spacemen coming down to save the world. It can put you in the shoes of failing rock stars or time travelers getting stuck in the late 21st century.

One album that has really helped me is Pink Floyd’s The Wall, an album about overcoming depression – or, as the album puts it, “walls”. When I was in the midst of depression, I wanted to be better and stronger. I wanted to be something more, and music helped me feel that way. It gave me strength, and I believe it can do that for anyone.

Music is more than just sound; to me, it is art and even its own kind of therapy.