DECA provides leadership opportunities

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DECA provides leadership opportunities

David Ross, Managing Editor

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Meeting driven future leaders, networking with students nationwide, becoming community oriented individuals, gaining access to bigger and exciting opportunities, and becoming the game changer is what DECA is all about. It’s not just a class, but a pathway for becoming more prepared for the future.

Things that they provide to Deer Valley that students are cake pops and running the Spud Wagon. The goals that their organization cares about most is making future business leaders. Their President proudly states that it can “Open up opportunities to high school students who aspire to become entrepreneurs or leaders in relation to business,” said Erica Guarino, senior.

Guarino also said, “Not a lot of students have the confidence when first getting in high school. Our club is a nice introduction for them because their opinions and thoughts will not be judged and it is a place that welcomes all ideas and boosts confidence. There a lot of events that will increase experience and confidence.”

Other than possible scholarship and community service opportunities, their organization also interacts with actual business people around the globe. Or more broadly described by their Public Relations Specialist, sophomore Matthew Weed, “It helps prepare for jobs in the future.”

After meeting with them I can firmly say that there is a lot of enthusiasm, and the want of being there. Other than a very inviting environment and a very welcoming crowd, this is also an organization that can build essential social skills that can be used in future. When asked what they enjoyed about DECA, here were some of their responses.

Matthew Weed: “I felt welcomed right away, everyone’s involved and is a family. As the year goes on you get closer and closer. It’s really cool networking a making friends.”

Gabriella Jalate, senior: “I was actually not initially interested in business when I first joined DECA… It actually ended up being a great experience because it ended up being my pathway to meeting new friends. I was very shy so it was kind of great to meet a crazy group of people who kind of helped me find who I was as well.”

Alissa Weed: “I like being in DECA because I like being in contact with everyone and I like talking to people. DECA helped with that because I get to do a lot of presenting… You get to meet people from other schools and it’s really fun to see them at no DECA events.”

Erica Guarina, senior: “What I love most about DECA is the impact it has on our kids on the campus. To see them walking in the door not that confident but then after they go to one conference their energy is just blasted, and they’re very ready to face other people talking to a small group whether that’s just one person or a whole group and seeing them enjoy what their doing makes me love what I do and makes me love DECA even more.”

  Their organization is having a job fair on October 18, in which any students that come will be welcomed.

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