Vaping: the lowdown on campus policies

Christian Cohen, News Reporter

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There is a fairly new vaping policy at DVHS and all other campuses within our district. The situation with vaping at school has begun to increase to the point where the school can’t handle the problem, so the district is bringing in law enforcement into this and make the consequences for vaping severe. The consequences for vaping on school grounds (or anywhere if you are under the age of 18) is getting fined approximately $113 to $200, considering the amount of times you have been caught doing it or just vaping in a bad way.

According to Officer Brokschmidt, “When you are caught vaping you are taken to a judge to face consequences that can range up to paying a substantial fine ,writing letters, and getting help for the addiction. This crime will be on the student’s criminal record and will screw up the rest of their lives based on a single bad decision.” 90% of students that wind up in this officer’s office are caught vapers and it is getting really sad considering that the kids haven’t considered the consequences that will certainly affect them in the future. The advice Officer Brokschmidt would like to give to the parents of kids who are vaping is of course to encourage kids not to do it, vaping is illegal during childhood. He went on to say that we don’t know what are in these things which can be worse than an actual cigarette and can ruin your child’s body.

Many of you have heard rumors about a drug sniffing dog that is going to be on campus. Well, you are somewhat right, but this canine is not going to be permanent which means that the dog is being taken around multiple campuses to sniff out the drugs in students’ backpacks and cars. Officer Brokschmidt confirmed it. Since our officer isn’t trained to handle a canine, we will not have a permanent school dog.

Also, even if seniors turn 18 during the school year, that does not give them the privilege to vape on school grounds, but off campus is legal. Hence, protect yourself and do NOT do drugs, or VAPE on campus (or anywhere if you’re under 18).