The White Album Remix

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The White Album Remix

Tyler Parker, Review Writer

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 November of 1968, an album with a plain white cover was released to the world. An album in which you wouldn’t know who it was by, if it weren’t for the embossed text on the front. This self titled album is simply called The Beatles or as most fans know it The White Album. Most fans consider it to be their best work, it being their only double LP full of songs showcasing each of their talents as musicians. This album was mixed by The Beatles and George Martin, it being the first Stereo mix the band actually worked on. It was exactly as they wanted it.

   November of 2018, the same album hit store shelves. This time though, it had been completely remixed, with a much more modern sound. George Martin’s son (Giles Martin) worked on it, as George passed away back in 2016, and it even had Sir Paul McCartney’s approval. This isn’t the first time a Beatles album has been remixed by Giles, as he remixed their iconic album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which released back in 2016, 50 years after that respective album was released. The difference between the two is that The Beatles didn’t work on the stereo mix for Sgt Pepper, which left the stereo mix feeling a bit lacking as George Martin mixed it himself in two days. As I previously mentioned, The White Album was mixed by The Beatles and George, and had more care put into it. It had really nothing to be improved upon, it was as the artists intended. Yet it was still taken and remixed, this time for a reason different than the remix of Sgt Pepper. Giles wanted to modernize it.

  In an interview with Giles he had this to say about Modernizing it. “and with the funny world we live in, with streaming and Spotify and the immediacy of playlists, you always have to bear in mind that ‘Blackbird’ could now be next to Ed Sheeran. And why shouldn’t it be? So it’s important that I’m not dismissing this album of 50 years ago, but that there is a sound match, so that kids don’t bury the record because they think it’s “old.” (link to the source on the bottom of the article) He does bring up that he is doing it in order for it not to be buried with time, but who is to say that it will? He claims he wants it to fit more with Ed Sheeran, but since when have The Beatles been Ed Sheeran? Love him or hate him, but he and The Beatles are two different beasts.

  Completely changing something for the sake of modernizing it is odd, and in my opinion a weak statement and argument. Should we just give the Mona Lisa an iPhone and sunglasses in order for people to stay interested in Da Vinci? No, because that isn’t why people go back to his art. They go back because it is compelling. They go back because they enjoy him as an artist. The Beatles aren’t any different. Their art is from the 60s, so yes, it has that sound. You could say “Music is a different story” and sure, I will agree with you. When music needs to be improved it should. This being an album from the 60s though, why are we trying to make it sound like it was from 2018? That isn’t improving. That is modernizing.

   An album like The White Album, one that has already had people pour their hearts and souls into it, shouldn’t need to be changed. I don’t think this album has been changed just to preserve it, because they aren’t preserving it at all. They have tampered with it. Now that isn’t to say that it is necessarily bad, I think it sounds fine, not the best work Giles has done. The Sgt Pepper remix really shines compared to the original mix. The real selling point of it, is the behind the scenes material in which was released along with the remix. That is a reason to buy it. I just express my concern because next year, Abbey Road will get the same treatment. An album that in my opinion, definitely shouldn’t be touched. But hey, we have to make it sound good next to Ed Sheeran right? This has been the ramblings of a mad teenage Beatles fan.


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