Technology: Friend or Foe

Jason Uhlenkamp

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As you may know, Deer Valley uses the oh-so-reliable iPads to help us with our school work. The teachers also use the iPads to create assignments and other activities to better the education of the students. You can use iPads to research facts and evidence. Even if you needed help on a question you could just look up the answer and you would get it. However, since it is still technology anything can go wrong. You can lose all of your data or even have it break for no reason. And so we come to the real question. Technology: Friend or Foe?


Researching is faster than ever

Everything is more organized

You can email teachers or other classmates for help

Better for people who don’t like old school writing


iPads are not perfect and they will most likely crash at some point

Basically useless if there is no internet connection

Can be slow and makes things hard to do

If something goes wrong there is a risk of all of your progress being lost


What do you think? Are iPads friend or are they foe?

Are the iPads Friend or Foe?

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Technology: Friend or Foe