Calling In Sick From Work

Natalie Seagroves, Opinion Writer

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Have you ever been sick with a cold or even the flu? Well when you have a job, in most cases you’re not allowed to get sick. If that’s even possible. You would think if you’re sick, your bosses or coworkers would understand and not want you to come in because of the risk of whatever you have spreading to either them or the customers. Well, sometimes that’s just not the case. At some work places they expect you to come in, even when you’re feeling like complete crap.

At my job if you get sick, a majority of the time you can’t just call out. You have to find someone who’s willing to cover your shift for you. Which in my opinion can get super annoying at times but it is reasonable. The reason why it can get irritating is because sometimes you have those days where you just wake up sick or just start to feel sick in the middle of the day. When that happens you can’t just ask someone to cover for you because it’s last minute and they could’ve already planned out their day. I understand not wanting to leave your coworkers hanging when you call out, but sometimes, you just have to.


Preventing germs from spreading as much as possible, especially in a public place should be one of the first priorities. Sometimes when you call out of work, managers or bosses can be really rude towards you. Which I think is completely unfair. It’s not the employees fault that they got sick.


Workplaces should be fair when it comes to calling out sick. They shouldn’t get an attitude towards you just because you called out sick. It’s different if you’re calling out just because you want to be lazy and not work. If you want to work but are unable to due to how sick you are, bosses and managers should understand. They should respect you in a polite way. They should also just tell you that they hope you get better.

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