Coffee Addiction: How bad is it?

Bethany Rodie, Opinion Writer

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Coffee addiction is horrible. People use coffee to stay awake and work long shifts, but then people’s bodies get so used to coffee that they can’t function without it. And high school students are drinking coffee to get thought the school day. Students are getting addicted to coffee because they are going to bed so late, they have a lot of work to do, and they are having so much trouble getting through the day because of sleep. You can’t just replace sleep with coffee.


Coffee makes people act differently and be someone they’re not. Coffee makes me wonder if it’s a get-away from problems, to get minds off of things, or to stay awake for school. I can tell you right now that I am so tired but I haven’t had coffee, and I feel fine. Coffee just messes with your brain and movements, I think coffee is really bad for us, and especially when we overdo it.


Coffee with so much sweetener is really bad, not just because of the sugar in it, but because our bodies use that as energy which becomes something that we start to rely on. I have a friend who drinks more coffee than the average adult, and she is both working and going to school, she uses coffee as an energy source more than sleep and she rides the city bus to school. She gets home around 11 PM and gets up around 3 AM to get to school on time. She is doing more than me, and I go to West-MEC.


Coffee is an energy source for so many teenagers, there is not much to do to help this. Personally I have coffee once a week, or maybe 2 times a week. And I sometimes get 5 hours of sleep because I need to go home and do homework, and I am not done with it until almost 11 PM. So on those nights I drink coffee to help, but then I can’t sleep later, so that doesn’t really help me in the long run. Coffee also classifies as a drug, and is a main part of why it can be addicting.

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