AFJROTC evaluation scores highest possible ratings

Jaden Deac, Guest Writer

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Deer Valley’s AFJROTC had their triennial Air Force Unit Evaluation on November 13th. Colonel Young, sent from Air Force Headquarters, was tasked with performing a deep inspection and evaluation of JROTC. Because of the importance of this inspection, the students spent the beginning of the year preparing for the evaluation, making sure the underclass students were looking clean and sharp. The Sophomore class had been practicing their drill sequence to march for the inspector, Colonel Young. The command staff practiced briefing and explained all that occurs in JROTC.

November 13th arrived, and Colonel Young viewed each and every JROTC cadet, Freshman to Senior. Afterwards the Sophomore class, led by a Sophomore commander, marched the class in a 30 count drill sequence. The upperclassmen cadets then took Colonel Young to their command staff briefing, and explained our events and goals. Colonel Young stayed and sat through every class, seeing how Major Whited and Master Sergeant Stilchen taught our classes. He watched how the cadets acted during each period, and finally came up with his verdict.

During the evaluation, Colonel Young was impressed by our amazing cadets and teachers, who had spent so much time preparing for this. He was blown away by the absolute precision, accuracy, and cleanliness of the cadets uniform. The Sophomore class marched beautifully and confidently, and were able to show off just how well the instructors can teach, and how well the students can learn marching. The Command Staff were able to show off our unit proudly, and tell Colonel Young everything we do, not only for the unit itself, but for the community around us.

After seeing how respectful the students are to their instructors, and how well the teachers taught, he had no choice but to give Deer Valley’s AFJROTC the highest score possible  Exceeds Standards with Zero Discrepancies, which the Group Commander Hannah Christmann along with Vice Group Commander Asia Evans, Director of Operations Joanie Heard, and Command Chief Master Sergeant Alexander Sanchez went to the district meeting to receive the award.