Opinion: No one needs to sit alone


Jason Uhlenkamp, Reporter

Whenever you go to lunch do you look around at all the people that are sitting at the tables? Other than a slight glance, probably not. You most likely don’t see the few kids sitting alone at lunch. Lunch time is a time for food and friends. Lunch is the one break from school that you have and nobody should spend it alone. Granted, some students prefer to sit alone at lunch so they can focus on academic work. However, some of the students who sit alone don’t have many, or any friends. There are many reasons why they may be sitting alone; for example, they may be new to the school and are still trying to make friends. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and help them make a new friend to enjoy lunch. You should even introduce them to your friends and help them expand their social circle. So what if they are not the most famous person on campus! Don’t ignore them because maybe everybody needs at least one friend and it seems like sometimes nobody is willing to step up to the plate and make a new friend. Don’t be like most people and just hide inside of your social circle, expand the boundaries of your friendships and add a new friend to your group today.

Sitting alone at lunch falls under the clinical definition of social isolation. Suffering from social isolation increases the likelihood of mental health problems like depression and anxiety. They would obviously show signs of loneliness. I asked some people that sat with somebody who looked lonely. A sophomore named Josh Pietro said, “I am a nice guy and I wanted to help them not be lonely.” Another student, a junior named Cody Thompson, said “Sitting next to someone who was alone changed my life forever, because we are best friends to this day.”