Arizona sports are historically bad

Hayden Seitz, Sports Writer

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The current state of Arizona sports has never been worse. None of the four major pro sports teams in the state made the playoffs this year. This has happened many times throughout time in professional sports. Cleveland is a great example of this. However it was only part of the state of Ohio, Arizona is on a whole other level of bad.

The Phoenix Suns haven’t won a game in over a month and going for almost sixty days without a win. Last night may have been the peak of how bad their season has been. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the third worst team in the league. The teams tipped off in Ohio. The game was close through three quarters until the Cavs scored on eight consecutive possessions late in the fourth after already being up by two. The Suns lost by thirteen in the end but it felt like there was nothing they could have done. They just play no defense.

The Cardinals will soon, much like the Suns, have the first pick in their draft. The Suns issue of having no defense is obvious but the Cardinals issue is having no offense. The team finished last in most offensive categories across the board. With no ability to move the ball, the season was doomed form the start.

As for the Coyotes and Diamondbacks, both are stuck in similar no man’s land situations. Nowhere near the playoffs, but not quite bad enough for a top pick. The Diamondbacks were doing great early in the year, however, they decided to pretty much not play the last thirty games and not finish close to playoff contention.

It’s not all bad. The Suns have Booker any Ayton, and while they only play one side of the ball, they’re crazy offensive talents. The Cardinals have David Johnson, Josh Rosen, and a solid defense, they hope the new coaching and the first pick can turn things around. The Diamondbacks just have a few spots to fill in free agency and need to close out a season. The Coyotes just need to embrace the tank and get back on track.

That’s about it. The major college teams of Arizona are bad too. Between ASU’s inability to close out games, let alone the season, Grand Canyon getting beat by a New Mexico team every year, and the scandal melting pot that is U of A, the collegiate level is questionable as well. All the teams mentions can be good again in a few years, but as of now things are definitely suspect.

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