Opinion: Working while being in high school

Natalie Seagroves, Opinion Writer

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There have been debates about whether having a part time job while going to high school is a good thing or not. I personally see the benefits of having a job while going to school at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people would be against it though. Some say work is a distraction from their school work, and others say work is a good way to teach teens some responsibilities. There’s endless debates on this topic.

When students have a job while going to high school, it can possibly help the students family at home. Nobody knows what every student at home is dealing with. They could be struggling financially, or that student might need to help out with the bills. So in that case having a part time job earning some money is very beneficial. Also there’s some parents who want their teens to pay their own bills. Such as their phone bill, gas, or even their car insurance or car payments. Those types of parents are trying to teach their teens responsibilities. Trying to teach them to be independent. When teens work and go to school it can also mean that kid could be trying to save money while trying to graduate and work their way to their dream job after high school.
People who strongly believe that teenagers will start to slack off in high school if they’re working at the same time, obviously don’t understand that some students can manage to do both. Just because a teen goes to school and then has to work sometimes too doesn’t mean the teen will instantly start failing in school. Every student is different when it comes to stuff like that. There’s also a few people who think teenagers will take advantage of all their money if they’re working… which can be bad, but it is their money it should be their choice what they spend it on.

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Opinion: Working while being in high school