Opinion: Vinyls; the good, the bad, and the scratched

Tyler Parker, Opinion Writer

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   Vinyl records have been a new hobby among the current generation, after going out of style around the 80s with the invention of the compact disc, the world has seen a resurgence in the recent years. In this article I will be going over the positives and negatives of owning vinyl. To begin, I’ll start with the negatives  to get them over with. Some people will look at the price, and with that they think that they’re too expensive, they aren’t completely wrong. Although the prices might be a lot for some people, I think that if you are devoted and smart enough, you can get past the prices. Another negative would be that they are fragile and hard to manage. With some research though, it isn’t that hard to learn how to take care of vinyls.

   Vinyl to me is definitely a hobby that takes a lot of management. Overall I think it is worth it, at least for me. The thing about this hobby is, it isn’t for everyone, you’d have to give it a chance and see if it is for you, and if it isn’t that’s completely fine! The positives I can think of is just being able to share your music, and your findings and collection with others. Maybe assist newcomers to the hobby and help them get to where you are. The hobby is all about building up from the bottom and establishing yourself, and that’s why I love it.

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