BlazBlue – The Game Series

Christian Cohen, Review Writer

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Hello skyhawks, here is another game I’m introducing to you which you can try out on either Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch (or even 3DS too). This game has come out a long while ago, during 2013, but is still one of the most beautiful 2D-art fighting games you will ever see. Even though it came out long ago, with its first game being released in 2009, it is still making more installments into the series, right now it has at least 6 main installments. If you like fighting games then this might just be the one for you.

The story is kind of straight-forward, but you will have to think about it some of the time. The plot of this story goes like this; a man named Ragna the Bloodedge is a fugitive from the law that is trying to get revenge for his murdered sibling by a man named Yuki-Terumi. That is just the story in general, along the way you will meet many characters to fight and actually play each of the characters’ stories, which adds a lot more content! This game’s content is well suited for a person who is trying to hang out with their friends or just kill time, since the story and everything else concluded comes to about hours to upon hours of gameplay.

A game that is similar to BlazBlue, that you might have heard of, is Guilty Gears which is also a great game, if you know what that game is you’ll have a basic idea as to what BlazBlue is like. There is even more to the game than I am just explaining to you and you all will just have to find out by experiencing the game for yourselves. Although there is one more thing I should tell you guys, which is that the soundtrack for each game in its series is splendid and works well when you’re fighting an opponent. It just gives you the rush of the battle and makes you want to play more of it just to hear the music.

This game is rated T for: violence, mild language, alcoholic reference, etc. BlazBlue is well suited for anyone in high school or junior high. You can find this game at your local retailer or online. Enjoy!