Opinion: Movie adaptations

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Opinion: Movie adaptations

Christian Cohen, Opinion Writer

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I know almost everyone at this school has seen or heard of an adapted movie,
which is a movie that has been adapted from a show, game or literature. Movie directors are
just getting no more ideas for movies this time around and are now going to make adapted
movies from almost everything. But what ticks me off is that they try to make a movie from a
game or show which has either compressed 15 seasons worth of episodes into a two hour movie
or compressed a game that takes forever to play into a rushed 1 ½ hour movie. Those games
and shows have so many things that people cannot bring into reality on a screen just right for
the audience to enjoy. The movies you see above are only a couple of adapted movies from a
whole variety of them.
Although these movies have been made a while ago, with the technology we have now might
solve the bad hate on these types of movies, but look at the adapted movies of today. Some
adapted movies which had been made from comics have been a great hit like Star Wars,
Kingsman, and the Marvel cinematic universe. Then there are the bad movies of today which
include Slender Man, Resident Evil, etc. Most of the adapted movies has a scale of 8-49% on
rotten tomatoes which just tell you that these movies are bad or just barely decent. You could go
see the movies for yourselves just to see how bad they are compared to the shows, games, or
literature but you would just be wasting your time.
What was wrong with those movies? The special effects, shortened plot made it feel like the
movies were rushed, and excess use of the green screen which made it uncomfortable. Those
were the problems with these kind of movies and if I were to rate them, it would be two stars at
most because of those problems. Hence, I suggest not to see these movies unless you are
prepared for disappointment or a meh expression.