What’s the best thing someone has ever told you?


Cienna Barney, Photographer

   I asked the staff what the best thing they’ve ever been told is. Their responses were all different, and shows the unforgettable impact on a person’s mind.

Hayden Seitz-“That I made the freshman team for basketball.”

Bethany Rodie-“When I got told I was getting a Great Dane puppy.”

Luke Hensley-“When I met my stepsister.”

Caleb Johnson-“I love you.”

“By who?”

“Literally anyone.”

Emily Miller-“When I found out my team won first place at nationals in 2017.”

Tyler Parker-“When my parents told me I was getting a little brother”

Natalie Seagroves-“ When I was told I was going to be an aunt.”

Abigail Bauman-“My nephew got stung by a scorpion and he was doing really really bad, but we found out he was gonna be okay.”

Devyn Rivera-“My mom was sick with physical and mental illness. I found out she was going to be okay.”

Jason Uhlenkamp-“I’m going to be a brother.”

Kyle Bessette-“My parents told me I’m going to a Garth Brooks concert. I grew up on them too, so it was a dream come true.”

Cienna Barney-“My dog was diagnosed with collapsing trachea, but after a few weeks of medication, the veterinarian told me he was going to be okay.”