Avengers Endgame Review – Without Spoilers

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Avengers Endgame Review – Without Spoilers

Christian Cohen, Opinion Writer

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   Here we are Skyhawks, the epic finale of the infinity saga. All of us have been waiting for this movie ever since Infinity War came out (exempt from Captain Marvel) to see the epic turnabout to the Avengers and what beholds them in the future. Don’t worry; there won’t be any major spoilers in this review if you were wondering. Anyway I got to see this movie opening night and this Avengers movie was most likely the best marvel movie so far.
The basic plot of this movie is just the continuance from the last movie hence you get to see what
happens from there. It would be ignorant to not see Infinity War and then see this movie, so I highly
suggest to see infinity war first .There were a lot of theories to how this movie was going to play out,
some of them were right but most of them were wrong. Therefore I can only assure that some Avengers are going be dying permanently in this movie never to be seen again in later MCU movies that include massive team ups.
This is a three hour movie, which makes sense since many things need to be explained throughout the “movie like how will the Avengers save everyone?” etc. Even that one basic question needs to be
thoroughly explained or else you will be like “huh?” during the whole movie. Now onto the movie. The acting portrayed by many people who played the avengers was on point and really drives you into the movie. I’m putting this in general since there were a colossal amount of actors who played avengers in this movie. The scenery in this movie was excellent, although you have seen most of the places being shown in this movie it is still exhilarating to see how much has been done in effort to make this movie.

   The movie is a little slow in the beginning but later on it keeps a natural pace and feels comfortable to the audience and the developing plot drives the audience in, to the point where they do not want to leave their seats even though they have to leave to go to the bathroom very urgently. It is like a book with the rising action, climax, and then falling action. It also includes all the components of a great movie which are; natural comedy, action, sadness, and satisfaction .That would be the reason why it captivates many audience members, and of course with the attachment of the characters throughout the whole MCU.
Endgame is beating records in the box office grossing with $1.2 billion opening weekend worldwide. This is the highest paying marvel movie and is still rising to even be the most paying movie in movie history. There is way too much to say about Endgame without spoiling it so I’m going to stop here. I would give this movie a 10/10 due to all the things I have mentioned. It is a great experience for many people including comic book nerds and regulars alike. I highly suggest seeing this movie if you haven’t already.