NEO Scavenger – The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game

NEO Scavenger - The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game

Michael Shaver, Review Writer

NEO Scavenger is a survival strategy game made by Blue Bottle Games. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where you have to use whatever resources you can find to stay alive. My experience with the game was an interesting one. The game starts you off picking off your traits, I went with Melee, Lockpicking, Botany, Hiding, Metabolism, and Trapping. Once you Hit confirm on your character you wake up in a cryosleep in a facility that seems to have been abandoned for a while. Before you can get your barings a loud scream erupts from the hall across from you. I had three options Hide, Fight, or Jump out the window. I chose to fight. A thing that honestly can only be described as a werewolf charged and with a bit of skill I took it down not long before I got scratched up myself. Now that the main threat is gone I have a chance to breathe, I go over and check a computer at the side of the room to see if there’s any information on who or where I am. According to the computer my name is Philip Kindred and I’m somewhere near Detroit, if the banking info is something to go on. I climb out the window to see an overgrown parking lot, I hear the sound of a gunshot off in the distance but as I try to listen for it as fast as it happens it’s gone. As soon as the adrenaline wears off from the fight I realize how cold it is and head back into the cryosleep building in search of any form of warmth. Seeing the dogman laying on the ground, muscle memory kicked in, and I was able to skin, turning it into a extermy warm coat. With my new coat I grabbed a shard of glass to use as a weapon, if need be, then I headed to the small suburb near by. Everything was trashed as if it was some kind of post apocalyptic wasteland. I scavenged around in some houses and I found a backpack and pain killers which could come in handy. With empty buildings behind me, I go off to find Greener pastures (and more stuff). I head into a nearby forest in search of possible edible berries. I hear a crack of a branch and duck down, I see a guy with a broken whisky bottle and he jumps at me I try to defend myself but to no avail. He stabs me with the broken bottle and I pass out. 


There’s a typical play through of NEO, the game is called a rogue-like because you tend to try, die, and try again. Personally I would recommend it, especially if you like survival games, but that’s up to you if you want to play a game like this.