D&D Club Review


D'artanyhon Gonder, Review Writer

Dungeons and Dragons, a game all about imagination and a talent for how to think on your feet, and think fast. D&D in many ways, for many people is an escape from the real world, a way to make a character that will have no consequences on your real life, that you control. You can make the character however you want, like a 2’11” human bard for example. This game is all about making a character, putting it into a fantasy world controlled by a person, and having that character go on mighty quests, and making amazing stories out of it. My first experience in D&D club was last Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm, I met a ton of amazing people before we even started the game!


When we got into the game, I whipped out my character I had been making for 3 days and turned into Krovac, a goblin trickster cleric. A class that allows me to be a sneaky priest in simple terms. Here I met 4 other people in-game, a 6’7” Lion man with a knack for running in and killing things named Leon. A 2’11 bard with his little penguin companion named Humphry, a very unusual name for this female but that’s all well in the end. A 7’ Goliath, a race of hard gray skinned titans with immense strength named Kroc, who’s monk powers were once legendary. Finally a Druid, a person of the trees, animals, and anything alive, named Lyra, a very different kind of druid, one that truly does want to be one with the trees. Here we all met to track down a bounty, to destroy the large monster that had been plaguing the town for many moons!


With our DM (Dungeon master, the one who runs the world) in place, we set off. Immediately our party was in danger! Two goblins, my brothers! Came out of a cave, drunk and tried to attack us! We didn’t see this coming, thankfully with the great strength of our Leon and Kroc I didn’t have to get involved to hurt my own kind. Here we ventured into the deep dark cave, pushing past a mossy wall to find the cave was quite small in size, our two large friends had to duck to even fit in, but, we quickly found some doors and opened them up, nothing really worth anything in here.

Overall, the people at D&D club were extremely friendly, and extremely helpful. IF you are a new person to D&D people there will be very helpful. These people, if you give them a chance will soon become one of your best friends. Overall the club was a 10/10, the people were great, the stories were great, and everyone there was friendly. For anyone looking for a good pastime they can really get into, and not be ashamed of it, look no further than D&D club.