MIM Review

Joshua Neyes, Club Feature

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Over the weekend I had the chance to go to the MIM (Music Instrument Museum) and had the most fantastic experience there. When you go to the MIM you would just think that you just walk around a room to look at Instruments, but it is so much more than that. Yeah, the big main part of the museum, is looking at instruments but the experience you have while looking at the instruments is what makes it. When you first walk into the MIM they give you a clip-on box with some headphones and what you are supposed to do is walk around in the exhibits and the TVs will play the sound of the instruments that you are next to. The cost for regular admission is $30 and I would say that it is very much worth your money because the museum is so huge and has tons of instruments/ exhibits. I would say that you could spend more than one day at the museum. When I went it was the last day for the electric guitar exhibit and it was an extra cost to go in but it was only $10 so not bad. What the exhibit had was tons of different types of electric guitars and even showed how they affected America through the ages and even how they were made. Also when I went we ate at the cafe that they had at the museum and that was really good but sort of expensive. Some of my favorite parts of the museum are the East Asia part of the museum because all the classical instruments together sound so pretty together and another favorite spot at the museum is the Africa part of the museum because they really can make music out of anything. One of the big things that they say at the museum is “Music is a universal language” and that is super true because at the museum I was able to enjoy the music from every country in the world! Sadly we could not fully go through the whole museum so I would 100% go back to enjoy the rest of the parts I missed. Yes, I would recommend this place for anyone wanting to find something to do to get out of the heat.