Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Review


Christian Cohen, Review Writer

Hello Skyhawks, Monster Hunter Iceborne has just been recently released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox on September 6th 2019 with a PC release coming early 2020. This is a colossal expansion of the original “Monster Hunter World” game, continuing where it left off from the end of the original story. There are an abundance of new things that have been included in Iceborne, people who have originally played World should definitely not miss out.

The story is basically the same as the original one but with some major improvements such as: character development, extensive cinematic cutscenes, more focus on the monsters of that world, etc. Elder Dragons, which are basically overpowered beings that can just ruin the ecosystem with the flap of their wings, cause the main problems in this continuation of the story. Velkahna, an Ice elemental elder dragon has been migrating to new land causing more monsters to appear throughout the new world disrupting massive food chains and the lives of hunters. This is just the general plot of the story and you can figure out the rest on your own once you get the expansion.

The characters are mainly the same, but they have been developing quite well during the course of Iceborne with more: background, involvement with the story, and less intrusive to your gameplay. The gameplay of Monster Hunter World is as simple as hunting a monster. There are no new weapons in the expansion, but there are already 14 to choose from so it is not necessary. But almost all of the weapons have new moves and combos to kill the monsters with. The developers of the Iceborne expansion have included a grappling hook designed weapon called “the clutch claw” which comes with you automatically and no need to equip it and unequip it during hunts. How the clutch claw works is like a projectile-like weapon just shoots out a claw and can hit many things including the monster that you are hunting. A special case occurs when you hit the monster with the clutch claw. When you hit it with it, you can mount the monster where you are aiming and take advantage of that to break the hard body parts that keep deflecting your normal attack, stun, or smash it against the wall causing massive damage. Keep in mind that this is just one addition to MHW out of many.

Then there has been an addition of many new and returning monsters from the series. They give the game variety and diversity in the armor and weapons you can make with the new parts from those monsters. Although Capcom has kept the bland “attach monster parts to metal/bone weapon” they make up for it for their stats which are very high with the new rank of difficulty that is presented to hunters. This new difficulty is called “master rank”, which is on par with G-rank from the older games. Master rank is basically an “expert” difficulty mainly for veterans that tackle difficult quests alone or with 3 other people. This new difficulty has given world a new taste that is vigorous and challenging which drives you to get better, or rage quit in defeat from the highly difficult monsters. Most of the new monsters are in master rank only so keep that in mind when playing Iceborne.

Monster Hunter is not a game for everyone, but for determined gamers who want a challenge and have satisfaction in the “hunt-gather-create-rinse-repeat” pattern in games. Also you can’t play Iceborne unless you have the main game (MHW) with you, since it is a DLC expansion. This expansion is in all electronic stores near you that sell video games, which include: Best Buy, Gamestop, etc. Then if you want to digitally purchase it then you can just go to: Amazon, Ebay, PS Store, Steam, and more. At minimum it costs about $40 and at maximum it would cost over $80. Out of the many things that are included with this expansion, I would rate it a 9/10. Now, let us commence the hunt!