Devil May Cry 5 – Spoiler Free Review


D'artanyhon Gonder, Review Writer

Devil May Cry. A game series following the character Dante, and a teenager named Nero, with a new edition to the series by the name of V. Dante is a mercenary of sorts, which in this game the mysterious new-comer V, came to hire him for a special job, when a powerful enemy of Dante’s rises, here within the first 3 minutes of the game we follow Nero to find out what Dante is doing. There’s not much left to say about the story unless you play it for yourself. The game though is all about story and combos, when you press the right buttons at the right time.


Here there are six different difficulties, but to call them difficulties would be a sin to the game. In this game there is a thing called “styling”, this “styling” counter activates when you start a combo of blows against enemies. This “styling” counter goes from D class  all the way up to SSS class which is the highest rank of the Styling Counter. When you get higher on the counter, you start to deal more damage, and you get a better score at the end of the mission. In higher and higher “difficulties” of the game you need combos more and more to even start to pass the mission. The only thing wrong with this, is if you get hit once, you go all the way from where you are in the combo meter back down to D class, and Nero doesn’t have much mobility, so it’s hard to not get hit as him.

In the game you get to play as all three characters, at different times however. You get to play as Dante, Nero, and V, each one has a different play style. Nero is a very aggressive one as he goes in with something they call a “devil breaker”, a special robotic arm that has different abilities depending on what ones you take with you, and he can also hook shot enemies closer to you making it easier to combo off. V is the second character you play as, he is not strong enough to actually combo off himself, he requires his 3 “friends” a large electric hawk, a black panther, and a monster made of dust and goop that is invincible. Then after they have done their combos he can teleport in to finish the combo. Lastly, Dante is a well rounded mix of aggressive and defensive with his 4 styles of fighting that you can switch to even in the midst of a combo. One of the styles allows you to dash a small distance whether you are in the air or on the ground. One allows your melee combos to go even farther with correct button presses. Another, your ranged combos are easier to pull off and gives you a “dead zone” between this half a second zone you can hit the button right away, instead of having to hit the button at the perfect time. Lastly one that allows your defense to go up, and your combo meter not to drop if you get hit while parrying.


Overall I would give this game’s story a 7/10, it was extremely good but it was missing a real lack of danger for our characters until the end, or at higher difficulties. Though I would give the game’s mechanics and combos a solid 9.5/10, and the only reason I don’t give it a higher score is Dante. Sometimes his style switches in the middle of a combo and doesn’t always go to the one you wish, so it stops your combo.