Undertale – Spoiler Free Review


D'artanyhon Gonder, Review Writer

Undertale is a game all about choices and the game remembering those choices, by responding to them the next time you play through. The game is more about the story and your reaction time as each “fight” has different ways to complete it. One way is to go through like any RPG fighting every monster you see to gain XP and gold to advance your LV to get stronger. You can also go through each “fight” and just talk to them, eventually “sparing” them, leaving without any XP and never getting any higher LV’s. Your choices progress the story one way or another, but always progressing it, in the story there are three main endings that you can get. One is to get as much XP and gold as you can, farming every area until there are no monsters left to farm off of. Thus at the end being able to skip the “omega” boss fight as after the “king of monsters” there are 3 different boss fights thrown into one long one, that honestly, was hard to complete but so much fun. This boss fight is only available if you do not farm a single monster, not even a training dummy.

This ending in my personal opinion is my favorite as it allows you to get to connect with each and every monster. As they are not bad creatures by any means, and even managed to speak English?? This I never really understood but it helps add to the story. This allows us to connect and understand each monster, as they are their own people in their own right. Each one with vastly different personalities, and each one with vastly different looks. Each one also has their backstories, and eventually if not farmed and not beaten in boss fights, they can become very valuable allies later in the game.


Finally, there is the neutral ending where you only spare some of the monsters, if you even farm one of them, you lose the chance to learn EVERY characters stories. There we actually do find out more about each characters stories but don’t get the true ending, thus feeling unsatisfying.

Overall the game has a solid 8.5/10 for game mechanics while you are controlling a red heart dodging things on the screen as to not get hurt most of the time. The story however is a 10/10, I would never give another game a 10/10 for story unless they manage to rival this story with interesting characters and dynamic interactions.