Opinion: Why Trump’s Wall Would Be Ineffective

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Opinion: Why Trump’s Wall Would Be Ineffective

Emyli Thompson, Reviews / Club Feature

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Why Trump’s Wall Would Be Ineffective


I think we all know about President Trump’s plans for building a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The border wall is purposed to prevent the rise of illegal immigrants in America. While the wall is still in progress of being built, there are many ways that show that it is ineffective and how it will impact U.S. citizens.

The wall is supposed to prevent Mexicans from immigrating to America, however, it won’t be completely effective. While it will prevent people from immigrating on foot, considering the border is about 2000 miles, there are other ways that you can smuggle people over the border. Often times immigrants are brought to America on a plane and overstay their VISAs. About 27% – 40% of immigrants fly to America . . . and planes can fly over walls. Another common way of crossing the border is by hiding in cars; whether that’s in the trunk, car seat, or even the fender.

Another point is that it will possibly make America go into debt. According to CNBC, the wall will cost about $15-$25 million, which is about as much as NASA’s annual budget. This is not including the amount of money needed for staffing and maintenance. However, this is nothing to worry about, future taxpayers will pay for all of this, and it will be their problem.

One last thing is that the wall will demolish many homes. Along the U.S./Mexico border, there are many towns that lie in both territories. Along with cutting through towns and destroying homes, the wall would also have to go through mountains and rivers. The wall might even harm the environment by disrupting seasonal migration and national wildlife parks and refuges, destroying homes of wildlife and plants, and can even affect our access to a water source. Also, there are many requirements that the wall hasn’t met from the REAL ID Act, which is a set of laws passed by congress that also ties with other environmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, to name a few. All of this destruction is practically impossible without immensely bumping up the cost of construction and a possible lawsuit.

So if the wall is built, it is hardly a win-win situation if it is at all. Mexicans will still be able to get over the border, the U.S. will be paying for the wall for years and the habitats of hundreds of animal and plant species will be destroyed and there is even a high possibility that there will be a lawsuit against it in violation of an environmental act.


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