Perfect Volleyball Season!

Dominic Benedetti, Sports Reporter

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As playoffs approach on Tuesday, Girl’s volleyball looks to take their season all the way to state. These girls followed up a great season last year with a perfect season this year. Beating rivals and tough matchups, such as Flagstaff and Greenway. Along with winning region third straight year. Coach Jackie Wallace believes after a phenomenal 17-0 season and winning region champs a third straight year, this team still has gas left in the tank. Along with this team being the most talented she’s had at Deer Valley, she sees a high level of play each and every day, from a team she calls “very athletic and dynamic”. She sees nothing in their way of achieving their goal of state champions. The records are piling up for this team and they’re not done.


Make sure to come out tomorrow on Thursday, November 7th as they take on the St. Mary Knights!