8 Reasons Why Sphinx Cats Are Great Pets

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8 Reasons Why Sphinx Cats Are Great Pets

Amanda Piunno, Opinion Writer, Review Writer

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1: You Can Dress Them For Winter

Due to lack of fur, it’s actually a good idea to get some warmer clothes for your hairless friend. There are many winter clothes designed just for sphynx cats!

2: If You’re Allergic To Cats but Still Enjoy Them, This Breed Would Be Perfect For You

No fur, no problem. Even though there are no 100% hypoallergenic cats, sphynx cats are least likely to cause any problems, just stay clear of their saliva if you are allergic to them as it may still irritate your skin.

3: Sphynx Cats Are Said To Be The Most Affectionate Cat Breed

In recent studies, these cats were proven to act more affectionately to their owner than any other cat breed. It’s been reported by some that they even act more like dogs at times! 


What more is there to say here?

5: When They Sleep, They Look Like Raw Chicken

So smooth and round, don’t you want to pet it?

6: They Make Excellent Therapy Animals 

Due to their overly friendly and affectionate nature, Sphynx cats make great therapy pets. 

7: Wrinkly Kittens 

Sphynx cats have the cutest wrinkly kittens that look like adorable little goblins.

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