Girl’s Soccer

Dominic Benedetti, Weekly Sports Coverage

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The winter sports season is upon us. The time of the cold, but also time for Soccer! I talked to the Varsity coach, John Brooker. He was very kind to inform me about this upcoming season, goals to accomplish, and some star players.

For this season Coach, Brooker sees a much better team than last year, along with a group of girls who are willing to work hard and get better. This team is also aiming for their record to be above .500, and to win region.

With this new season, there also comes new players, such as Senior, Aimee Olson, Junior, Alicia Green, and Freshmen, Maddie Metivier. Aimee is a club player who brings her great attitude and hard work, to try and do anything to make the team better. As someone who will play midfield, forward, or defense big things will be expected from her. Especially as this team’s utility player. Coach Brooker believes if she continues to play there’ll be big things for her in college. Same for Alicia. Coach Brooker sees here having great potential as this teams midfield or forward, and won’t struggle at all to put the ball in the net. Madie’s a former club player who’s going to play midfield or forward and has a great future ahead of her.

This year there are 13 seniors on the team, three of which have been on varsity all four years. Sandra Botello, Jennifer Burtis, and Alexia Sanchez. Jennifer and Alexia are this year’s teams captains, as they were last year.

These girls only get a few chances to play in front and families, this is a good way to show support. They play in their own tournament on December Fourth through Sixth, so make sure to pop out at all those games and the home games after that!