D'artanyhon Gonder, Review Writer

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Following up on my last Magic the Gathering (MTG) review, now we are going over, “The Power 9” (TP9). Magic the Gathering’s arguably most broken cards ever produced. Now, also the most expensive cards in the history of Magic the Gathering. If you haven’t heard of TP9, you either don’t play MTG, you’re either new to the game, or you have been living under a rock for your entire MTG life-span. In case you have never heard of these cards, let’s explain why they are so overpowered, why they are so pricey, and why they are banned almost everywhere.

First, “Why are they so overpowered?” This is a little tricky to explain. First off let’s tackle the simplest and go to the hardest to explain. The simplest to explain is “Time Walk” followed by “Ancestral recall”. Both of these give you too much of an advantage for too little cost. Time walk gives you a full extra turn, for only 2 mana, and Ancestral recall gives you 3 cards for only one mana. That is unheard of today, as the most balanced versions of these are Divination that gives you 2 cards for three mana. Then the balanced version of time walk is Karn’s temporal sundering. This puts a card back in someone’s hand then you take an extra turn for six mana.

Next, we are going to cover the 5 mox’s. Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, and Mox Emerald. All of these artifacts cost 0 Mana and tap for one mana of their color. These were also too overpowered for giving people too much for too little. They gave you one mana a turn, that could be easily untapped for free and used again.

Timetwister will be the second to last card we are talking about. Time twister is a 3 mana card in blue, — Most of these cards are in blue as you can see — and it shuffles everyone’s graveyard and hand into their library. This basically resets the game of everything the enemy did to set the blue player back except for life total and battlefield. This is powerful as if the enemy the blue player is facing, if they are starting to do a lot, then, the person that plays this will be able to stop the momentum of the other for just 3 mana.

The last card that we will go over is the most infamous MTG card ever. A card costing about 42 thousand dollars on average. An artifact that costs 0 mana, that you can tap and then put it into the graveyard to give you 3 mana of any one color you choose, essentially putting you three turns ahead one time. Thus being in the same category as the 5 mox’s, however you may think that it is not as bad, having to put it into the graveyard directly after getting the mana, but there are many many ways to return artifacts to your hand or even to the battlefield for less than the mana black lotus gives you, netting mana in the process. There are even some ways to get it back for free over and over again. This leading to seriously broken combinations of cards.

Overall the cards for their original intentions are a 9/10 as the MTG creators didn’t think that the cards and packs would only be bought one or two per set, and not people buying many many packs to find certain cards. With this in mind, the card’s power is 1/10 though they are still designed very very well, they are too overpowered, especially in today’s standards of cards.



Mox Jet – $5399.99

Time walk – $6500

Mox Ruby – $8287.5

Mox Pearl – $8900

Mox Sapphire – $9774.99

Mox Emerald – $10125

Timetwister – $14999.99

Ancestral Recall – $19999.99

Black Lotus – $42000