15 Gifts for Dog Lovers

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15 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Amanda Piunno, Opinion Writer

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Socks tend to be a popular present this time of year. Anyone with a dog that appreciates odd socks will be with these. 

Price: $12.95-$65.00 (Christmas Sale Right Now)



This frame comes with a block that you place your dog’s paw in and leaves it’s print. You put it next to the picture of your dog and hang it on the wall. It’s a cute idea. 

Price: $19.99-$24.95



On sale now, get your best friend’s dog on a blanket. They’ll sure enjoy it or at least I would. 

Price: $27.95-$78.00 (Christmas Sale Now)

Link: https://getphotoblanket.com/products/painted-art-protrait-feelce-blankets-2?variant=31106201681982

If someone you know enjoys traveling with their dog, then this is the perfect gift! It comes with two pop up food/water bowls, two containers for dog food and treats, an ID tag, and storage for any other dog essentials. 

Price: $28.54-$41.88 



If you didn’t know, Starbucks and other coffee shops will give you a discount if you bring your own cup. This is a great gift for anyone that has both a dog and caffeine addiction. 

Price: $20.99



Doggy seat belts make excellent gifts for dog owners who enjoy bringing their pal along with them everywhere. These ones are small but they can be found in different sizes and colors. 

Price: $10.49-$11.99



Homemade dog treats are fun to make and if someone in your life is into baking and making their dog happy, this will be the perfect holiday present. It comes with two 100% FDA approved BPA-free silicone molds and a healthy dog treat cookbook. 

Price: $14.99



For everyone who gets chilly at this time of the month, such as my editor, it is recommended to get them a nice, warm, fleece blanket. They’re comfortable and lightweight, and will surely keep the cold off your body. 

Price: $17.37



Succulents are a popular type of plant and these small pots are perfect for them. They come with drainage holes, plant tags and more. You can close the hole and use them just as storage for things such as pens as well. 

Price: $24.95 (or $12 for one)



For anyone on the craftier side in your life, they may enjoy some dog washi tape to decorate with or use in journaling. 

Price: $8.95



This is more of a gift when you don’t know what to get your mother or aunt that has an unhealthy obsession with their dog. Just a simple reusable cup that says dog mom. Comes in three different colors so whatever she prefers.

Price: $17.95-$18.95



Comfortable dog shoes to wear around the house. Who doesn’t like pugs? 

Price: $19.99-$20.55



Or maybe you just want to give something more homemade and personal to someone or even your own dog for the holidays. Make your own dog treats from scratch. It’s cheap and easy. There’s many recipes to use online, here’s one linked for you anyways! 

Recipe Link: