Final fantasy: Review

Christian Cohen, Review Writer

Hello Skyhawks, Final Fantasy is a game series that has been made by a company known as Square-Enix back in 1987 and is still running. In the mainstream of the games, there are one to fifteen games all numbered in roman numerals. Although they may look like that they are going in sequential order, final fantasy is different since each game has a different story all revolving around the same concept. That concept is that there are 4 warriors of light that go off to face darkness. The concept may be simple but is severely developed throughout each game, although some aren’t worth your time.

Final fantasy is basically an RPG that is platformed on almost every console from the 1980s to the present and is even on steam. The latest release was Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers which is still alive and is an MMORPG. The games are RPGs but some are formatted different from each other to get rid of the staleness that may arise in the repeated grinding of Turn-based battles. As such there are Turn-based battle systems, Tactics games(kind of like a chessboard setting), Action RPG( able to move around your character while attacking your foe, strategizing your next move on the spot), MMORPG( stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which you connect to the internet to play with a colossal amount of people around the whole world), and so much more. The Final Fantasy games are mainly a 1-player game having you go through the story with challenges along the way.

The plot of Final fantasy in general without stating specifics is basically what I have said before, it is about warriors of light fighting the forces of darkness in order to bring harmony to the world and not destruction. Starting from Final fantasy I through III it doesn’t give that much of an in-depth storyline and have to use your wits to find your way across dungeons/mazes that have powerful foes in each of them rising in difficulty through each dungeon you go through. Then you go onto the final boss which is most likely the hardest of all the fights in each game if not prepared. Going on to final fantasy IV through XV there is a ton of story that will be thrown at you. There is character development within each of the people you meet and travel with along your journey across each world(game), even the villains are massively developed throughout the course of the playthrough. Each game is like a novel where you also have developed feelings for these characters and even hatred for the main antagonist of the game, enough of it to keep on going till the end.

The Setting of each game is not the same hence you do not get bored with the scenery while exploring the world as you progress through each game. Yes, the beginning games might not have the best graphics to date but is still a sight to behold, especially on how much the developers have put into these games.

With the scenery included, the soundtrack in each game is unforgettable as they do fit in each situation of the game making it feel even more alive almost as if it was a movie. Almost every Final fantasy game( excluding 1-3) has cut scenes with full voice acting and High quality animation.

Out of all of these things that have been stated I would give the franchise a 9/10 based on the high quality of sound and animation, The plot development and diversity within each game, Beautiful scenery, and the gameplay of each game. Now go tryout any of the Final Fantasy games. TIME TO GO SAVE THE WORLD!