Quotes for Christmas

Kamil Kobielski

Tyler Parker, Review Writer

Christmas is almost upon us, the lights are up, it’s cold for Arizona standards, and people are
shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Personally I love this time of year always having fun during the
holidays, but I have been curious to what others think, so I decided to ask a few classmates and
teachers what exactly their ideal Christmas/holiday activities are.
Here is what some Skyhawks and teachers had to say!

“I love a Christmas that isn’t too stressful, one where I can hang out with friends and family.”-
Mrs. McGowan

“My ideal Christmas would be me petting my dog and buying him a Christmas sweater.”-
Amanda Piunno

“Me and my family sitting around the tree opening presents and listening to Christmas music.”-
Emily Miller

“Not working, spending time with my puppies, and family I suppose.”- Mrs. Gamboa
My ideal Christmas would be making a great meal for my family”- Lizzie Bell

“Spending time with family and eating Mexican food”- Michael Shaver

Personally, my ideal Christmas is a combination of all of these, I love everything about the
Holidays. I love the sweaters, the family connection, the food, the presents, the trees, lights, and
everything else I can think of. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.