Star Wars Episode IX Review

Christian Cohen, Review Writer

Hello Skyhawks, during the winter break a couple of movies have been released and Rise of Skywalker is one of them. This was the most anticipated movie of 2019 mainly because there is always a trilogy set in star wars. Meaning the prequels I-III and the originals IV-VII finally now VIII-XI. The new trilogy of Star Wars didn’t have a good rep with the fans of this George Lucas franchise ever since Disney bought it and actually made it. The first movie (The Force Awakens) had a good basis of what the new trilogy could have been but the writers didn’t go to their full potential hence the next 2 movies being resented by fans and even movie critics. The Rise of Skywalker is going to be the last Star Wars trilogy for a long while but movies are still going to be made in the Star Wars universe. Mainly spinoffs of course.

The plot of Rise of Skywalker partially goes off from the last movie The Last Jedi where multiple storylines converge into one during the course of the movie. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is in search of the creator of a mysterious message that is threatening the entire galaxy and especially Kylo Ren’s reign of power after he has been made Supreme leader of the first order. Meanwhile, the resistance is still trying to get rid of the first order for good with also trying to find this message’s creator with Rey (Daisy Ridley) finishing her Jedi training with Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac) doing their jobs with the resistance as always. That is the main plot of Rise of Skywalker and you just have to see the movie to get the plot holes from the last movie filled in.

There are some new worlds introduced in the Rise of Skywalker for us to see and experience that have great scenery. That is the only highlight of this movie since everything felt crammed into this one movie, where multiple ones could’ve been made that could’ve been smoother, story-wise. Through the course of directing the movie, there were multiple switch-ins for the directors that includes the legendary George Lucas, Collin Trevorrow, then J.J Abrams. In the end, J.J Abrams’s version of this movie was released in theatres. Though J.J Abrams directed the force awakens, Rian Johnson directed the last Jedi. After the bombing of that movie, Abrams tried to fix it but henceforth made the first movie of the new trilogy pointless and then tried pulling a nostalgia trick to make this movie a hit. The nostalgia comes in throughout the whole movie and if you are a Star Wars fan then you will notice most of them.

Due to all of the points that I have brought, I would give this movie at most 6/10 for the change of directors throughout the making of the movie, semi-poor acting from the cast, and predictable twists and turns. May the force be with you, you’ll definitely need it when you see this movie.