B.R.A.K.E.S Driving School


Michael Shaver, Review Writer

Have you ever been worried driving? You know, hurtling 50 mph in a 5 ton hunk of metal down the highway. Want to feel safer on the road? Well try the B.R.A.K.E.S. driving school. You have to sign up quick because slots go fast. 


Let’s go over what you do. Once the day has come for you to learn you go down to wherever they are having the class. You sign in and sit down to listen to the speech they give about safe driving. 


 Once you’ve heard the speech you go out and start learning. The first is collision avoidance, simple enough you learn how to swerve past a danger. So after you’ve practiced you can feel a little safer when something jumps out in front of you, but it’s best to hope that doesn’t happen.


Have you ever been on a road with a dirt path to the side of it? Have you ever ended up with two of your wheels on the dirt and the other two still on the road? Well drop wheel practice is for you. You get to practice how to get out of that situation before it becomes life or death.


Did you know you car can help you stop? It’s called Anti-Lock Braking System or A.B.S. for short. Essentially it helps you stop when you need to slam on the brake. It’s good to know how it works before you need it.


Last on the list is skid recovery. Drifting looks fun but when your not planning on it, it becomes quite a scare. Just remember to keep your eye on the prize and you should be fine.


So over all? Definitely worth practicing now in order to stay safe later.