Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms- Opinion


Joshua Neyes, Opinion writer

Today I will be writing a movie review over the movie Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. There are no words to describe how good this movie is, I suggest that everyone needs to see this movie! Why this movie is superb is that it is about an immortal girl and a normal boy that form a bond which lasts throughout a long span of time. This movie goes over a few themes over motherhood and “what it means to be a mother”, but you focus really on the main story of Maquia and Arias.

The movie starts off as the Iorph people living far away from the world of humans, spending their days weaving Hibiol (a special cloth that serves as a written chronicle for all of time). They age more slowly than humans and have the capacity to live for hundreds of years. They are legendary to outsiders, who have dubbed them the Clan of the Separated. Maquia, an orphaned girl, serves as an assistant of the chief-Racine-who warns her about creating emotional attachments to outsiders, positing that she will know about loneliness. That night, the soldiers of Mezarte (a neighboring kingdom) and their ancient flying dragons called Renato invade the Iorph village, killing most of the Iorph people and kidnapping Leilia. One of the Renato succumbs to the Red Eye disease and goes berserk during the attack. It takes most of the fabrics and Maquia, leaves the village, then dies in a forest. Maquia wakes up and takes a newborn male infant from his deceased mother at an ambushed caravan. She names her adopted son Arias. The story between the two is the main part of the movie. The first half of the film mostly deals with the hardships Maquia faces as a child-mother. To the end of the movie when she finally feels like she is not alone and knows what it means to be a loving mother.

The movie’s genre is fantasy. So if you like fantasy movies, you would also really enjoy this movie. Maquia‘s gorgeous animation and sweeping musical score are inseparable from the powerful story itself. I would have to say again that I really have no words on how much just the story is amazing but the visuals of this movie are insane! So I really recommend this movie and give it a 9.5/10.