The Mandalorian Review


Michael Shaver, Review Writer

The Mandalorian is a Disney plus show that should be watched. The show happens in between the events of Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens. It has 8 episodes clocking in at about 40 minutes an episode. It’s a great show for hardcore fans with plenty of fun easter eggs for those who get them, and for people who have never seen a Star Wars film before, everything you need to know for the story is explained. Also baby Yoda is really cute. 


(Spoiler warning for episode 1 below)

Looking at episode one on its own, it opens with a bar and some guy getting mugged. Mando walks in and the muggers get mad so fight ensues. Mando wins and it turns out that the mugger has a bounty on his head. After a bit of work Mando makes it back to the bounty hub and turns them in. His boss offers him a new job but it’s a bit odd. Mando had to go to an Imperial general to get his bounty. Mando flies out to the desert planet, fights the wild life, then learns how to ride one. He teams up with a bounty droid and takes out an entire bandit camp in a cinematic way. The two of them walk in and find Baby Yoda in a floating baby carriage. The droid tries to kill Baby Yoda, key word on try. The episode ends with Mando looking down at Baby Yoda reaching up to him. 


Are you interested yet? I would hope so. Over all I would definitely say it’s a great show to watch and worth the time. 10/10 Going to re-watch a couple hundred times when I have the chance.