Pros and Cons of Being a Bird Owner


Nathan Stierwalt, Opinion Writer, Review Writer, Photo Essays

For those of you who are interested in getting a bird, or those of you who have a bird or two and want something to relate to, I’ll be going through the pros and cons of having one. This article will mostly be coming from experience. Even though I don’t have one of the bigger birds, I have taken care of them before, and I currently have two budgies. Well, let’s jump right in.


Birds are very social animals.


They love attention, have a variety of personalities, and can make good long term pets if cared for properly. The amount of personality in birds, even as small as budgies, can make them entertaining and fun to have around. You can also teach certain birds how to say phrases and words, and some can even understand what some of those words and phrases mean.


Because of how social they are, you need to give them hours and hours of attention per day. It is a lot of commitment for those who aren’t used to this.


Birds live a very long time.


This can be considered a good thing if your bird is very happy with you.


This means you have to be very committed. Depending on the bird you get, it could even outlive you. 


Birds are very messy.


They tend to flick their food around, spill it all over the place, and they cannot be potty trained.


Birds cannot be “potty trained.”


They poop whenever and wherever they need to, even on you. Depending on the type of bird, they will do it more or less often. Oh and with most birds they have what we call a morning poop. After sleeping the whole night, it tends to build up, and they have a large one shortly after waking up. 


Birds are very noisy and/or loud.


Birds love to make noise, ranging from chirping at the wild birds outside your house to screeching at the top of their lungs as soon as the sun comes up. Some birds are more noisy than others, personality can also affect how noisy they are, and larger birds can be very loud. 

Overall, there are a lot of downsides to having a bird, but for some people the pros will outweigh the cons. Personally I love having birds. They’re just so cute, funny, entertaining, and lovable that there’s no way I can’t consider them to be one of my favorite animals. If the noise and the messiness doesn’t bother you too much, I would highly recommend you get a bird. Though if you’ve never had one before I recommend starting small. If you like budgies, I’d recommend those as a good starter since they’re very easy to care for. Though if you’re gonna get a pet at all, make sure to do as much research as you can on them beforehand.