Many Esports Leagues Canceled Due to Coronavirus


D'artanyhon Gonder, Review Writer

The start of 2020 has already been an atrocious year for Esports, and a normal sport too. At the start of the year, before the first month had even finished, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died in a tragic helicopter crash. Since the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, there has been threats of World War III. Now suddenly, a deadly disease has started in China, and has spread to many other countries, some of which you can see if you check out the last coronavirus news article “The Coronavirus Outbreak” made by D’artanyhon Gonder.


Many different Esports tournament organizers have canceled their respective tournaments due to the deadly virus. Tournaments canceled are:

  • League’s LPL

  • WESG APAC Grand Finals

  • CrossFire Pro League Grand Finals

  • League’s LDL

  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PGS)

  • League’s PCS

  • Overwatch League all matches in China

  • Possibly more to come


Many of these tournaments were supposed to be held in China this year. The LPL, LDL, APEC Finals, PGS, and Overwatch league were all supposed to be held there, and unfortunately with the coronavirus being able to spread between human contact, or coughing and sneezing, people must stay away from public places. Thus leading to the Leagues being canceled so there would hopefully be less infections. Later in the year however most of them are scheduled to continue.

The LCK fortunately hasn’t been canceled, but it has been semi canceled as they will not be playing with any live audience.

Remember if you go out this year, be safe, and try to avoid crowded places if possible.