The Watchlist #3

The Watchlist #3

Hayden Seitz

Animated shows on Netflix right now might be at their all-time best. From one Punch Man to Naruto, Netflix really has a wonderful compilation of animated shows. Possibly my favorite of which might be the classic, “Pokemon Indigo League.”


   Pokemon Indigo League has been an absolute blast to watch. I love the main character Ash Ketchum and his cute little Pikachu. For those of you living under a rock, Pokemon is based around assembling a team of powerful Pokemon. Pokemon vary across 150 creatures varying amongst various different types. Then training the Pokemon and battling them against other pokemon and other trainers. All with the goal to catch all 150 pokemon and 8 gym badges to go to the Indigo League tournament. While that may seem like a lot for the average ten-year-old, it’s the only thing on the mind of Ash.


   Ash trains his pokemon after catching them every day, although often interrupted by the dastardly Team Rocket. While rather childish, Team Rocket provides every episode with some conflict. Along with the conflict of Team Rocket, gym leaders and natural conflicts seem to get more challenging each episode.


  Joining our main character is the perfect support duo, Brock and Misty. Brock is a strong, caring individual, known for often losing his focus for the task at hand, for any beautiful female that he may come across. Brock is rather carefree and he can be very intelligent and powerful in battle. To his contrary, is Misty. The hot-headed, water type wielding, the redhead can fool you rather easy with her shrill, high pitch voice. Don’t get anything twisted though, Misty is a very clever trainer and very talented in battle.


   Between the wonderful cast of characters and the amazing content, I don’t see much to not like about Pokemon. Although slightly older animation styles and clearly for small children at times, Pokemon never fails to deliver on good action and fun while you throw on some Netflix. I give it 4 out of 5 poke balls.