Minecraft Earth Review


Michael Shaver, Review Writer

Minecraft is one of the largest games of our generation. Pokemon was the game of the last generation. Pokémon has a game that got people to go outside but what if Minecraft did the same? Welcome to Minecraft Earth a “Pokémon Go” for Minecraft. Let’s mention something before we go any further. It’s not available everywhere and not on all phones so check your app store before you get too excited. Now we can get into the fun stuff. Before we start I want to bring up that this is still in early access so save some judgment.


Mechanics: You walk around and collect “tappables”. A tappable is a mini piece of Minecraft ranging from a chicken, to a tree, to a little mound of dirt. Once you have your materials you get to craft but instead of normal crafting, you have to wait for the timer to count down after picking something. To build you use build plates. This is where the AR comes into play. It’s a little finicky but for the most part, it works just fine. You can pick up blocks, place blocks and even farms, including a cobblestone generator.


The Good: The game runs fairly smoothly with little stuttering here and there but not often enough to complain. The mechanics are easy to grasp and the tutorial is quick.


The Bad: The loading times are fairly lengthy especially on mobile data. 


The iffy: There are micro-transactions in the form of rubies. You can buy them in bulk but with about one hour of gameplay I already have 50 so I’ll say it isn’t really necessary. To get more build plates you do tend to need 100-500 rubies and there are boosts that I find unnecessary to have, but hey if you have money to burn then why not.


Overall I’d give this game an 8/10 but of course, it’s still in early access so give it some time.