Monday, Aug. 24

AIR CARD WINNER:  Congratulations to 9th grader Nathan Nitschke for winning our weekly A.I.R. card drawing! Your gift card is in the mail!

STUDENT PARKING: Starting TODAY, you may apply for your parking pass at this link:

You should log in through your account, and be ready to upload readable copies of these four documents, or else your application will be denied:

  1. The DVHS Student Parking Rules and Regulations- signed by both the student and the parent/guardian (Picture, PDF, or Document)
  2. Valid Graduated Driver’s License & Student ID (Picture, PDF, or Document)- Arizona Instructional Permits will NOT be accepted. *If you cannot locate your student ID, please enter your ID number in the appropriate question. We will look it up this year.
  3. Current proof of vehicle registration; for all vehicles listed (Picture, PDF, or Document)
  4. Current proof of insurance; for all vehicles listed (Picture, PDF, or Document)


October 21, 2020    Fall Pictures/ID’s

November 20, 2020 Senior Portrait Deadline – Contact to schedule and appointment

December 2, 2020 Retakes and Senior Clean UP


SENIOR PICTURES: A note from Jostens to our Seniors

Dear Class of 2021 and Parent/Guardian:

We are currently running at half speed to ensure the safety of customers and we are cleaning the dressing rooms after each use. We have also invested in a UVC light room that we recycle the caps and gowns through to ensure they are clean. Our huge lobby and studio has made it very easy to social distance and we have had no issues from the more that 600 seniors we have photographed so far.

We plan on extending the number of hours we are open each week to manage the increase in student appointments. Currently we still have availability as soon as tomorrow so we are far from slammed.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Attention Seniors

Grads Photography is our official yearbook Senior Portrait Photographer. Please click the link below to make an Appointment ASAP