Covid-19 Shutting Down Schools Once More!


Emma Bibb and Drake Eaves

The next surge of Covid-19 cases is now here in Arizona and the amount of infected are steadily increasing. Deer Valley’s district is one of the districts with one of the lowest Covid-19 rates, but the Board of Education is focusing on statewide cases. Arizona is struggling with keeping cases low due to school being back in person. Cases in Arizona went from a few hundred during online school to a few thousand after transitioning back into in person learning.

Here are some tips for staying safe during the pandemic and assisting in keeping the number of Covid-19 cases to a low


  • Wear over the nose AND mouth, secure under chin.
  • Wear one with two or more layers for extra protection.
  • Wear a mask with a face shield, never wear a shield on its lonesome.
  • Avoid touching touching your face and mask.


  • Wash your hands often (ex. Before eating and after the restroom).
  • Avoid close contact (ex. Social distancing).
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Clean and disinfect whenever possible (ex. Tables, desks, and doorknobs).
  • Monitor health daily (ex. temperature, headaches and runny nose).


  • Consider getting tested if you’ve: had symptoms, been in close contact with someone who tested positive, or referred by a healthcare worker.
  • To get information about testing you can visit your state or local health department websites to see where testing is at OR call your healthcare provider
  • Dealing with results… Positive? Know the steps to help prevent it from spreading. Negative? Continue to look out for symptoms and remain vigilant