The Taliban is re-taking over Afghanistan. The Taliban are a group of former Afghan resistance fighters who fought the invading Soviet forces in the 1980s. They aimed to impose their interpretation of Islamic law on the country and remove any foreign influence. The Taliban feel as if they represent Afghan culture and that’s why they think they should be ruling. The Afghan people are trying to hide from them by escaping through airports and finding safety shelters, but that’s not the only problem, women and their rights are also being pushed aside. Women have been speaking out about the unfairness for years and have been pushed underground but they have not been silenced. Girls were deprived of basic healthcare and any semblance of schooling and women were stripped of dignity making them unable to support their families. The Taliban are less than a month into ruling and they’re already going after lgbtq+ community in Afghanistan. They’re being put to death which has made most of them go into hiding and cover up their sexuality. We need to listen to them and help them escape. Right now there are over 2,000 refugees in each country. You can help save the Afghan women, men, and refugees by donating food, clothing, money, etc. to or