Job Openings Are At An All Time High Right Now


Emma Bibb

If you are not currently caught up with the world right now, WE ARE GOING THROUGH A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!! There are approximately 41.3 million cases reported in the United States and 1.05 million in Arizona. Many people have family members that have tested positive or have tested positive themselves which results in them being quarantined or laid off due to absences. Now, there are many other reasons too, like no experience and lack of schooling. Many people have gotten jobs at fast food places or grocery stores but what the economy is looking for are nurses, doctors, vet technicians, pilots, mechanics, etc. Due to COVID-19, these professionals have been laid off in large amounts because of the pandemic. The only problem with this is that no one has experience or schooling to qualify for these jobs.

Even places like McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Safeway, Fry’s, etc. are hiring because though it’s the higher jobs that are hiring, public places like this are hiring too because teens are in school. Teens are quitting, not showing up, calling, and getting fired because of school becoming an obstacle to these employers. Teens were also looking for summer jobs only just to keep their summer busy while school was out. Employers are even offering incentives to people who want to work. They are offering bonuses, higher salaries, and flexible hours to get people to work. 

Since there are so many places hiring, this is the perfect opportunity to apply and get the job you want. Of course, if you are like me and you do almost 12 hours of school a day and have a ton of homework, a job may not be the best for you. I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF TOO HARD!! If you are able to get a job and work it, here’s a list of places that are offering to hire teens…


  • Albertsons/Safeway – Courtesy Clerk

  • Burger King – Team Member

  • Fry’s – Assistant Front End Manager (18+ years old)

  • Fry’s – Retail Clerk (18+ years old)

  • Subway – Team Member

  • Snagajob – Browse Jobs