Serial Killers


Sara Kinnett

         People may ask, Why do people find serial killers interesting? I went around and asked some people  what their opinions were. Alexandra Ruiz, a 9th grader said that she thinks they’re interesting  because of their mindset and mental illness. She thinks it’s crazy what their mindsets can do to  make people have those thoughts and feelings about objects and people. Alexandra said that Ted  Bundy was one of her favorite serial killers. Ted Bundy admitted to killing 30 people. His total  number of victims is unknown, but is claimed to be much higher. You have to have a pretty twisted  mind to be able to lure people in and kill them. Some people Romanticize about Serial Killers, and  other people just find them fascinating and how they get to where they are at in their life. Some  serial killers were put on death row because of how bad they are and people like to find out more  about why serial killers became who they are.