Arizona Cardinals Record Predictions

All predictions are made off of the assumption that all/most starters are active, I know this obviously won’t be the case for every game but it’s impossible to predict injuries, suspensions, trades, or most other depth chart changes.


  • Week 1 @ Titans- Win, with the Julio, Henry, and A.J. trio the Titans are a lethal threat on offense but Arizona’s defense has shown promise with this off-season’s additions like JJ Watt, Tay Gowan, Marco Wilson, and Zaven Collins there’s plenty of room for success. Arizona’s offense is also very promising with the line getting an upgrade in Rodney Hudson and adding running back James Connor the offense has plenty of skill.


  • Week 2 vs Vikings- Win, the Vikings offense is another good one with JJ, Adam Thielen, and Dalvin Cook it is a very similar matchup to week 1, so if the defense can hold up week 1 then I have faith they can with a slightly less skilled offense. As for the offense side for Arizona, I think they can do very well here but being so early in the season I’m very curious what Patrick Peterson will do against his former long-time team.


  • Week 3 @ Jaguars- Win, I do not have much faith in the Jags offense, I think they have decent skill but can’t do anything with it. The defense, I don’t have much higher expectations for, not even many notable players on the defense other than, Myles Jack and Shaquill Griffin.


  • Week 4 @ Rams- Loss, The Cardinals last beat the Rams on New Year’s Day, 2017 so they’re hungry for the first win in over 4 years over the Rams. I don’t think we have what it takes to win for the first time in years especially in LA. The Rams offense sounds a little scary this year getting the upgrade in Matt Stafford and for the first time in his career he will have multiple targets to throw to along with a complimentary backfield and I don’t think the Cardinals defense can hold up. Even with all the offensive changes done by AZ this last offseason Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are the best in the league at their jobs and will have lockdown games as usual.


  • Week 5 vs 49ers- Win, with what I think will be a healthy start to the season the Cards take on a division rival the second week in a row, as a cardinals fan we know how scary George Kittle and the rest of the offense can be, Jimmy G will get the start this week but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trey Lance out there a few times. I think the Cardinals’ defense will struggle against the 9ers but should get the job done. The Cards offense will need to step up in order to win this game and I think they can, in fact, I have D-Hop going for 100+ from scrimmage and Kyler will need to scramble a lot to get away from guys like; Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, and Arik Armstead.


  • Week 6 @ Browns- Loss, the Browns are going to have an amazing year and I don’t see Arizona slowing them down at all. One of my favorite rosters in the NFL with guys on offense like; Jarvis Landry, OBJ, Nick Chubb, Baker, and a good o-line the Browns are lethal. On the defensive side, they are well-rounded and if the Cardinals are going to get anywhere in the game, it will be when the Browns are on defense. Having 3 first overall picks sounds pretty scary to me (Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett, and Jadeveon Clowney).


  • Week 7 vs Texans- Win, this game can be interesting if Deshaun Watson is the starter for this game but even if he does start, the Texans don’t have a lot to work with anymore. All the big stars are either gone or got in trouble so there’s no big leader. The defense side has very few guys that I think can keep up but as I love a good game I’d love to be proven wrong.


  • Week 8 vs Packers- Loss, as a top team in the NFC in recent years, this year won’t be any different. Aaron Rodgers will do Aaron Rodgers things and probably throw something stupid like 954 yards with 18 Hail Mary completions. Realistically I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw for 350+ yards and at least 2 touchdowns, especially with the lack of CB depth on Arizona. This game is also only 4 days after Houston so I expect guys to be fatigued and by week 8 I’m sure there will also be injuries but as I said, it’s impossible to guess them.



  • Week 9 @ 49ers- Loss, I have a feeling Brandon Aiyuk is going to have a great game and I’m betting Trey Lance will be starting by week 3 let alone week 9. The 9ers offense honestly scares me, as long as they’re all healthy so I think they’ll be dominating on offense. The defense in my opinion is slept on but our receiving core is so stacked, there’s a lot of combinations that can work. Overall I still think San Fran takes it, home-field advantage is a big factor here too.


  • Week 10 vs Panthers- Loss, Sam Darnold, CMC, Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, and Dan Arnold should be the only words I need to say. This team is so slept on it’s honestly crazy to me, wouldn’t be surprised if the Panthers are a playoff team. Plenty of potential on defense too in guys like; Brian Burns, Shaq Thompson, Haason Reddick, Jeremy Chinn, and Jaycee Horn.
  • Week 11 @ Seahawks- Loss, I personally believe that DK and Tyler are the best WR duo in the NFL, so I expect them to do well especially against a questionable secondary. With Chandler Jones and Gardeck back the linebacker core is stacked plus Corey Peters coming back and JJ Watt joining the line I wouldn’t be worried about Arizona defending the run game. Both Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray are scramble QBs with great arms and good weapons so expect an offensive showdown but I think Arizona will have a better run game.


  • Week 13 @ Bears- Win, This will be a good game with what I assume will be Justin Fields starting the similarities on offense between the teams is crazy so the game won’t be one-sided even if both defenses play poorly. The game will come down to one of two things; Offensive consistency or overall performance on defense and I think the better defense will take the win. That being said Chicago has some big names in Akiem Hicks, Khalil Mack, Alec Ogletree, Roquan Smith, Robert Quinn, and Eddie Jackson, this is a pretty big list of guys to watch out for but I think our offense can manage and our defense has just as many star players but I think the Bears offense will be surprised by the defense.


  • Week 14 vs Rams- Win, at home matters big here, it’s the game-changer here, both teams have pretty equal skill but I think Arizona has more depth and like I said home-field advantage. Being this late in the season we will see things like candidates for awards like DPOTY, MVP, OROY, DROY, etc… and I think the Cardinals will have players in the run for all of those categories so obviously a decently rounded team. Every division game in the NFC west is vital being the hardest division in the NFL so it will be a very competitive game and could even make or break playoff hopes for either team.


  • Week 15 @ Lions- Win, it’s the Lions


  • Week 16 vs Colts- Win, I like this team, well-rounded and respectable players. That being said it doesn’t matter how I feel about them, this is about facts and the fact is Arizona wins this game. Both teams have not 1, not 2, but 3 underrated running backs and won’t be surprised to see a very run-heavy game, the run defense on Arizona looks amazing on paper, as for Indy they have potential but I think Arizona wins that battle. I think Arizona’s receiving core is significantly better than the Colt’s secondary so it should be a field day for them. 


  • Week 17 @ Cowboys- Win, arguably the most overrated team versus the most underrated team and I think the underrated takes the W. Dak is a very respectable player and good too but I don’t think that’s enough for Dallas. The secondary for Arizona will have a big challenge with these lethal receivers. Arizona’s offense will have a very memorable game and I think will be the way they win.


  • Week 18 vs Seahawks- Loss, my intuition is telling me it’s going to be an off day for Arizona and will result in a loss. I think it will be a competitive game but we’ll be a step behind. Being the last game of the season it can make or break a chance at the playoffs. DK will have a big day and so will Tyler.